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Baka Not Nice Net Worth

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Baka Not Nice Parents and Early Life 

Rapper and composer Baka Not Nice is Travis Savoury from Canada. As he has not disclosed many details about his upbringing publicly, little is known about his parents and early years. Baka Not Nice net worth is around USD 2 million.

The Regent Park neighborhood of Toronto, which has a reputation for being a harsh place with high levels of poverty and violence, is where Baka is believed to have grown up, though. In interviews, Baka has admitted that he engaged in illicit activities in his younger years, including drug peddling and gang fighting.

Despite his problematic history, Baka finally changed and sought a music career. 

He became well-known after working with Canadian rapper Drake on the smash song “Controlla” in 2016, and as a result, he joined Drake’s record label, OVO Sound.

Baka has since released several popular singles and mixtapes, including “Live Up To My Name,” “Money In The Bank,” and “No Beam.” Additionally, he has worked with musicians like 88GLAM, French Montana, and Giggs.

Real NameTravis Savoury
Buba Cartel De Santa Net Worth$2 Million
ProfessionArtistSinger & Songwriter
Age44 yearsย Old
School/UniversityNot known
Marital statusUnknown
Religion Christianity 

Baka Not Nice Music Career

 He started as a rapper and composer in Toronto, Canada. His popularity in the music business was raised due to his collaboration with Canadian rapper Drake on the smash song “Controlla” in 2016.

Baka launched his debut track, “Live Up To My Name,” in 2017 after joining Drake’s record company, OVO Sound. The song gained popularity immediately, peaking at #69 on the Canadian Hot 100 and collecting over 45 million views on YouTube. You can also read about Ramz Net Worth as well.

Since then, Baka has put out several popular songs and mixtapes, including “Money In The Bank,” “No Beam,” and “Junior High.” He has also worked with musicians, including 88GLAM, French Montana, and Giggs.

Trap-inspired sounds and hard-hitting lyrics are trademarks of Baka’s music. He frequently raps about his upbringing in Toronto’s Regent Park neighborhood and his involvement in criminal activity, including drug selling and gang warfare.

Despite his turbulent history, Baka has risen to the music industry’s top by overcoming his obstacles. He keeps putting out new music and working with other musicians, solidifying his status as a rising star in the rap world.

Baka Not Nice Net Worth 

Baka Not Nice’s net worth is around USD 2 million.

Baka’s lucrative singing career has been the main source of his riches. His status in the business was raised due to his fame for his work with Canadian rapper Drake on the smash song “Controlla” in 2016. Since then, he has worked with other well-known musicians and released several popular tracks and mixtapes.

Baka has a background in business in addition to his singing profession. “Live Up To My Name,” his new clothing collection, contains clothing and accessories influenced by his songs.

Baka’s net worth is anticipated to rise as he releases new music and grows his business endeavors.

Baka Not a Nice Source Of Income

His music career is his main source of income. He has made money by selling his songs, receiving royalties from streaming, and charging for live performances.

Baka has worked with well-known musicians, including Drake, Giggs, French Montana, and 88GLAM, raising his visibility and revenue.

Along with his music career, Baka has also started his clothing line called “Live Up To My Name,” which sells hats, bags, and other accessories influenced by his music. He now has a second source of income thanks to this business.

Additionally, Baka has appeared in several music videos, including his own, which could have increased his earnings.

Most of Baka’s revenue comes from his music profession, including song sales, streaming royalties, and live appearances. His commercial endeavors and other endeavors in the entertainment sector could add to his earnings.

Baka Not Nice Discography


  • 4 Milli (2018)
  • no long talk. (2019)


  • “Live Up To My Name” (2017)
  • “Money In The Bank” (2018)
  • “No Beam” (2018)
  • “Junior High” (2019)
  • “My Town” (2019)
  • “Up” (2020)
  • “Outside” (2020)
  • “Big Dreams” (2021)
  • “Charge Up” (2021)


  • “Controlla” (Drake ft. Baka Not Nice) (2016)
  • “KMT” (Drake ft. Giggs and Baka Not Nice) (2017)
  • “Live Up To My Name (Remix)” (Drake ft. Baka Not Nice) (2017)
  • “No Stylist” (French Montana ft. Drake and Baka Not Nice) (2018)
  • “It’s A Go” (88GLAM ft. NAV and Baka Not Nice) (2019)
  • “Sides” (88GLAM ft. Baka Not Nice) (2021)

Baka’s music is renowned for its hard-hitting lyrics and trap-inspired sounds, which frequently mirror his upbringing in Toronto’s Regent Park. He continues to release new songs and work with other musicians despite the large fan base his music has amassed.

Heightย 6 feet 3 inchs
Weight in kg /pounds74 kg
Ear lobesAttached
Eye colourBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Zodiac signย Pisces
Ethnicity African

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