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Babo Cartel De Santa Net Worth & Age

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How much is Babo Cartel De Santa Net Worth?

MC Babo grew up in Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leรณn, where he developed an interest in hip-hop music at a young age. Babo Cartel De Santa Net Worth is estimated at 3-5 million dollars.

Babo cartel de Santa Early Life

Cartel de Santa is a hip-hop group from Mexico formed in 1998 in Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leรณn. The original lineup included:

  • MC Babo (real name Eduardo Davalos de Luna).
  • DJ Agustรญn (real name Agustรญn Corona).
  • DJ Rowan (real name Rowan Rabia).

MC Babo grew up in Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leรณn, where he developed an interest in hip-hop music at a young age. He started writing his lyrics and performing at local events, eventually teaming up with DJ Agustรญn and DJ Rowan to form Cartel de Santa. In the early years, the group’s music was heavily influenced by the gangsta rap and West Coast hip-hop styles of the 1990s. Their lyrics often covered themes such as drugs, violence, and street life. Despite the controversial subject, Cartel de Santa quickly gained a large following in Mexico and became popular throughout Latin America. Over the years, the group has undergone several lineup changes, but MC Babo remains the core member and primary lyricist. Today, Cartel de Santa is still one of the most popular hip-hop groups in Mexico and Latin America. You can also read about Philip Bailey Net Worth as well.

Real NameEduardo Dรกvalos De Luna
Buba Cartel De Santa Net Worth$3-5 Million
ProfessionArtistSinger & Song writer
Age46 years Old
School/University Not Known
Marital statusMarried
Religion Christianity 

Babo Cartel De Santa Relationship and Kids

It is difficult to find much information about the personal lives of the members of Cartel de Santa, such as their relationships and whether they have children. MC Babo, the lead vocalist, keeps his personal life private, so whether he is in a relationship or has children is unclear.

Babo Cartel De Santa Music Career

Cartel de Santa’s music career began in 1998 when MC Babo, DJ Agustรญn, and DJ Rowan formed the group in Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leรณn, Mexico. Their early music was heavily influenced by gangsta rap and West Coast hip-hop scenes of the 1990s, with lyrics that often dealt with drugs, violence, and street life themes.

Their debut album, “Cartel de Santa,” was released in 2002 and was a commercial success in Mexico, earning the group a large following. They went on to release several more albums over the years, including “Vol. II” (2004), “Volumen Prohibido” (2006), and “Sincopa” (2010). Their music continued to gain popularity throughout Latin America, and they became one of the most popular and influential hip-hop acts in the region.

Cartel de Santa’s music is characterized by its use of Mexican slang and its humorous and often controversial lyrics. Their songs often deal with themes of partying, drug use, and crime, but they also touch on social and political issues in Mexico. They have collaborated with other well-known artists in the Latin music scene, including Julieta Venegas, Maldita Vecindad, and Ana Tijoux.

Despite the controversy surrounding their lyrical content, Cartel de Santa has remained popular and influential, with a loyal fan base in Mexico and worldwide. They continue to release new music and perform live shows, cementing their place as one of Latin America’s most successful and enduring hip-hop groups.


Babo Cartel De Santa Drug Addition

Babo has, however, been open about his struggles with drug addiction and his efforts to overcome it. In a 2015 interview, he discussed how his addiction had affected his personal life and music and how he had sought help to overcome it. Since then, he has been open about his journey to recovery and has used his platform to advocate for addiction awareness and support.

Height 6 feet 2 inchs
Weight in kg /pounds80 kg
Ear lobesAttached
Eye colourBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Ethnicity Mexican 

Babo Cartel De Santa Discography

Here is a list of Cartel de Santa’s major studio albums:

  1. Cartel de Santa Vol. 1 (2002)
  2. Cartel de Santa Vol. 2 (2004)
  3. Volumen Prohibido (2006)
  4. Cartel de Santa Vol. 3 (2008)
  5. Sincopa (2010)
  6. Golpe Avisa (2014)
  7. Viejo Marihuano (2016)
  8. Los Jefes 1.5 (2018)
  9. Viejo Marihuano II (2019)
  10. Santa Muerte (2022)

Cartel de Santa has released studio albums and various singles, EPs, and live albums during their career. Some of their most well-known tracks are “Perros,” “Los Mensajes del Whatsapp,” “La Pelotona,” and “Doctor Marihuana.” Their music combines hip-hop and Latin rhythms, featuring humorous and sometimes controversial lyrics, effectively reflecting the energy and culture of the streets of Mexico.

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